Cat Crimes


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When you agreed to pet sit your neighbor’s six Cats, you expected
a relaxing weekend filled with cuddles and gentle purrs. Instead,
you repeatedly find spilled coffee, broken flower pots, and a
missing bird! Which of the six furry fiends was responsible for
each Cat Crime? These Cats may be stealthy, but they’ve got
nothing on your logical deduction skills. With a little problem
solving you’ll be able to use Cat traits, paw prints, toy placement
and the location of other items to figure out exactly where each
Cat was sitting at the time of the crime. In short order you’ll be
able to name the culpable Cat!


I really like Cat Crimes.  The game comes with a booklet that gives each cat a personality which keeps you more involved in the game.  It’s fun to move the characters around the board as you try to solve the crime.   -Megan

Age Ranges

Little Kids, Big Kids, Tweens