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With over 1000 Jewel Beads, Solid Beads and new silver beads, creating accessories is more fun than ever! This set includes pieces to not only make flat designs, but also a key chain, 3D rings, and even a wearable tiara! Everything you need to start creating is included. The bead case has a beautifully designed lid to look like a glamorous jewelry box, and it can be connected to the Beginners Studio and Deluxe Studio to create a multi-tiered case. When done designing, just spray your creations with water, no heat is required. Suitable for children ages 4 and up.

  • Contains over 1000 beads in 16 colors, including jewel beads, solid beads and new silver beads!
  • Make a wearable tiara, a key chain, and two rings.
  • The Glamourous Designer case can be connected to the Beginners Studio and Deluxe Studio cases to make a multi-level storage case.
  • All you need is included. No additional accessories are required.
  • Suitable for ages 4 and up.

I love these for my son and daughter.  So much better than the ones I had to use an iron on as a kids!  You just arrange these on a train and spray them with water.  I am surprised that once they fully dry they are really hard and can be turned into jewelry or play figures. -Kerstin

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Preschool, Little Kids

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