Astro Pets Aqua Dragons in Space (6001)


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Where Aqua Dragons come from?

They are from the crustacean family, a species called Artemia Salina. They have been living in salt lakes and seas on Earth since prehistoric times. Aqua Dragons eggs have a natural ability to dry out and survive droughts, waiting to come in contact with water to hatch, this special ability to hibernate. In the following 50 days after hatching, these small beings can grow up to 1cm long and live from 50 days to a few months. The perfect first pet!

  • Cyst
  • Hatching
  • Active young
  • Naupliar stages
  • Juveniles (Male and Female)
  • Adults (Male and Female)

6 Easy Steps

1-Shake vigorously the bottled water, then fill the tank with room temperature bottled water (not mineralized, not soda water).

2-Empty the contents of the eggs packet into the water, stir gently to help the salts dissolve.

3-Maintain the habitat in a safe place with natural light and a stable room temperature, between 17·C/65°F and 27°C/81°F.

4-Check with a magnifier and you can see tiny white dots moving between 24 to 72 hours.

5-Feed them the day after set up with a tiny level portion of food using the feeding spoon provide.

6-Admire your Astro Pets and do forget to feed them every 2-3 days.

Ongoing care.

·Do not change the water, when the tank water slowly evaporates you may top up with more room temperature bottled water.

·Do not remove the salt around the rim. Tilt gently the tank gently.

·Food and remains may form sediment at the base of the tank. This is part of the normal Aqua Dragons eco system.

Age Ranges

Little Kids, Big Kids