Bakugan Starter Pack


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  • 3 transforming Bakunin: begin the battle With the Bakunin Starter pack! Roll your Bakunin for a pop open transformation! Roll your Bakunin Ultra and it will leap open, picking up a Baku core and revealing its hidden power.
  • Get ready to Brawl: this starter pack has everything you need to roll right out of the box! Face your friends in battle brawling’ action!
  • Collect, trade, battle: begin your Bakunin collection with the transforming Bakunin, character cards, Baku cores and ability cards included in this pack. Trade with friends or head into battle!
  • The Bakunin Starter pack is a great gift for kids aged 6 and up. Roll into Baku-action with your own Bakunin collectible figure!
  • Includes: 1 Bakunin Ultra, 2 Bakunin, 6 Baku cores, 3 ability cards, 3 character cards


Age Ranges

Little Kids, Big Kids, Tweens