Corolle Marin Boy Bath Doll w/ Whale (100140)


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Bebe Bath Dolls: Nurturing Doll Play In and Around Water for Kids 18 Months and Up

Everyone in the water! Corolle’s Bébé Bath dolls enjoy bath time and playing in the water. These adorable 12-inch dolls float in the water and hold positions like real babies.

These swimming companions also help children who are 18 months and older slowly become accustomed to all types of aquatic environments:

• bathtub (soapy water)

• swimming pool (chlorinated water)

• sea (salt water)

There is also a tab sewn onto the doll’s back so it can be hung up to dry after bathing, going to the pool or visiting the beach! For Ages 18 Months and Up.

Delicate Vanilla Scent

Mon premier poupon Bebe Bath dolls are made of vinyl delicately scented with vanilla so that the hugs a child gives their doll are as sweet and memorable as the ones their parent or loved one gives them.

Sleeping Eyes

Mon premier poupon Bebe Bath dolls feature realistic sleeping eyes, which are securely inserted for more security. They close when they are put down for a nap or at bedtime, just like a real baby.

Soft, Durable Body

Made with soft and supple vinyl, premium fabrics and sturdy seam stitching of the limbs to the soft body, mon premier poupon Bebe Bath dolls are flexible and durable to provide long-lasting hands-on play.



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