Dexter Dragon Medium


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Most dragons are fiery, but Jellycat’s Dexter Dragon is flopsy! No scales for this scamp – just snuggly fur in soft blue and warm maroon red. Gorgeously detailed with soft horns, stitched wings, a pointy tail tip and knobbly spines, this dreamy dragon gives monster hugs!

Dexter was the first purchase I made after I started working at Snapdoodle, and he’s still my favorite!  The design is genius – he’s got beans in his tummy, legs, and tail so he feels sort of like a real animal laying on you, and who doesn’t love the feeling of an animal resting its head on you?!  -Rowan

I love Dexter Dragon to pieces!  He’s perfect for sitting on your shoulders and carrying him around that way is extremely comforting.  It’s the best way to chill out!  -Maq

20″ Long



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