Elephants Can’t Fly Book


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Our Jellycat Book, Elephants Can’t Fly, is a beautifully illustrated children’s book. Elly the Elephant wants to fly, but her herd say Elephants can’t even jump!

Can she leap into the air, her fine ears flapping, and soar like a bird in the sky?  Fuddlewuddle Elephant sold separately.

This little elephant is so determined to fly even though he is told repeatedly that he can’t.  Beautiful illustrations fill this book with a wonderful message about not giving up.  Curl up with the JellyCat Fuddlewuddle Elephant to make this even better!  -Kerstin

Written & illustrated by Charlotte Christie & Cee Biscoe.

Brand:  Jellycat Books
Size:  23cm x 23cm
Age:  0+
Pages:  20 Board



Age Ranges

Preschool, Little Kids