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Bueno Onda’s Guatemalan hackysack footbags are the best on earth because they are 100% colorfast… no more bleeding. For footbaggers of all levels!

  • 2″ x 2.5″ hand-crocheted in Guatamala hackysack in 100% durable cotton.
  • Each bag comes in its own unique design and colors.
  • Loosely filled with safe, soft polyethylene pellets
  • Sold Individually – Let us choose for you from assorted colors and patterns
  • Avoid excessive exposure from leaving it in the sun, dirt, water or elsewhere for long periods of time where mold or decay can occur
  • Keep away from pets. While this toy is animal friendly, it is not playing or chewing by pets.

Buena Onda literally means “Play for Good.” This fair-trade company employs Mayan artisan partners from the villages surrounding Lake Atitlan in Guatamala. They pay a fair wage to women who work from home to create amazing hand-crafted products. In addition, Buena Onda is able to give back to these communities through projects like water filtration installations, lake grass planting, and baby turtle releases.