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The beauty of these amazing, crocheted flying discs is not just in their cool, bright designs, but also in their simplicity and usefulness for hours of active fun, both outdoors and indoors. These 7.25″ soft flyers are lightweight, easy to stash in a pocket, and easy to throw and catch. They bring the classic sport of playing with flying discs to a whole new level of fun. A great confidence builder for little ones (even as young as 2 or 3) and enjoyable for ALL AGES. Patterns are assorted. Pictured ones are sample patterns.

Each disc is hand crocheted under strict Fair Trade principles with the company’s  Mayan artisan partners in Guatemala. Your purchase directly supports these local communities.

These flying discs also double as cool little berets!

  • Avoid excessive exposure from leaving it in the sun, dirt, water or elsewhere for long periods of time where mold or decay can occur
  • Animal friendly, but not meant as a chew toy.

Buena Onda literally means “Play for Good.” This US-based, fair-trade company employs Mayan artisan partners from the villages surrounding Lake Atitlan in Guatamala. They pay a fair wage to women who work from home to create amazing handcrafted products. In addition, Buena Onda is able to give back to these communities through projects like water filtration installations, lake grass planting, and baby turtle releases.

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Preschool, Little Kids, Big Kids, Tweens, Teens