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Budding detectives will love every minute of trying to solve the Mile-high Murder Case Files. This crime-busting game provides everything you need to try and solve the case! You have been given the Mile-high Case Files but who had the MMO? Who had the Motive to kill the victim? Who had the Means? And who had the Opportunity?

Marisa Tower was murdered on an overnight transatlantic flight from San Francisco to London, and with 50 pieces of evidence, work alone or with others to unveil the culprit of this mile-high murder! Case Files is an extremely popular category of mystery games following in the footsteps of murder mystery parties and escape rooms and perfect entertainment for games nights and dinner parties. Ideal as a single player or multiple player game, for players age 12 years and over.

These are fantastic!  Our family has cracked three different cases.  The material that is included with each file feels like real forensic evidence.  We all were so into figuring out who did it, we pulled out the white board, hung up the photos, even looked stuff up on the internet.  Great way to spend time together!  – Kris


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