Pandemic: State of Emergency Expansion


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Your job of curing deadly diseases is about to get more difficult. Pandemic: State of Emergency introduces three modules that provide unique ways to play and give you greater control over each game’s difficulty.

Take on one of five new character roles, as you study a new strain of disease that has the ability to jump from animals to humans.

Travel to four new locations around the world spread across two boards as you act quickly to contain the diseases before they spread to nearby cities.

State of Emergency gives you more control to set the difficulty of your games. Use quarantine markers to block a city if the disease is spreading too quickly or introduce Emergency Event Challenges to the player deck for a more difficult mission.

The Hinterlands Challenge and the Superbug Challenge offer two new ways to challenge yourself to save the world.

This is an expansion for Pandemic. You need the base game to enjoy State of Emergency.

Game Play 45 minutes

2-4 Players

Ages 8 and older

Age Ranges

Big Kids