Slimeball Flinger Darts


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  • Slime sling-shot – diggin’s slime ball flinger kids sling-shot launcher comes with 2 flinger launchers, 4 green slime-ball darts and a sticky target dartboard
  • Shoots 30 feet – shoot squishy slime-balls up to 30 feet using the Flingers. Or shoot slime sling balls from your fingertips with built-in launch band, just like a rubber finger sling-shot
  • Slime target – slime throw target measures 10 x 10 x 1 inches. Multiple slime-ball targets snap together to create an even larger kids throwing target game
  • No marks – slime fling darts have a great squishy feel, but aren’t sticky and won’t markup your walls. Slime squishy balls only stick to sticky target slime board
  • Renewable sticky – to make your slime toy target set stick like new, and to remove any dust, occasionally Wash target, ball launcher fling set and slime target balls with soap & water
  • Indoors & outdoors – play inside with your slime-ball shooter toy or take it outside. Target Bullseye game encourages active indoor outdoor game play. A slingshot for boys and girls age 6+
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