Voli Racket Set w/Flyer


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Ages: 6+

Voli is a new and improved version of the summer favorite: badminton! Voli comes with two rackets that slide onto your hand like a glove and a Waboba Flyer. The glove style rackets and are made of foam and the Waboba Flyer is similar to a traditional badminton flyer, made with feathers. The goal is to keep the Waboba Flyer airborne. With Voli, there’s no need for a net or court like traditional badminton. Take Voli just about anywhere including the beach or a park!

Key Features:

  • “Fits like a glove. Hits like a racket!”
  • Bring anywhere: the park, the beach or in your backyard
  • No net or court needed
  • Twist on a classic!

Educational Aspects:

  • Exercises hand-eye coordination
  • Encourages active, outdoor play
Age Ranges

Little Kids, Big Kids, Tweens