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Snapdoodle Pokemon Event

Join us for our Pokemon Events!

Every Saturday at Seattle and Kenmore.

Now also in Snohomish on Tuesdays.   

 By signup only!

pokemon card

Choose a location to schedule your date and time.

Seattle                 Kenmore


Let Snapdoodle be your destination for Pokemon adventure! Saturday or Tuesday afternoons aspiring young Pokemon trainers will have 90 minutes to play, trade, and socialize with old and new friends.

Our certified Pokemon Professors will be on-hand to assist in understanding the official rules of play, making sure all trades are fair, and ensuring the number one rule is followed - to have fun!

Play with our pre-constructed decks, trade cards from the booster packs provided by the entrance fee, or bring your personal collection from home - all are acceptable. Parents are not obligated to stay for Pokemon Play and Trade events, but are welcome to observe, assist, or ask whatever questions they may have.

For just $9.99 you get two booster packs, entrance to one 90 minute session, and guidance from our certified Pokemon Professors.

Ages 6-12

Register online or in-store but space is limited so don’t wait, sign up today!